Introducing, The New Stem Cell Hair Treatment

Hair loss is a major problem as we mature with age. This happens in both men and women. No matter how much we use botanicals fresh care for healthy hair, sometimes the effort is not enough to bring back our healthy hair. There are new procedures that are being done today to reverse hair loss.

    Premier Clinic offers Premier Stem Cell Hair Treatment that can help grow back your hair in just one month. This is now done without undergoing hair transplant or surgeries. This clinic is the most trusted in Malaysia for hair loss treatments. They are able to cater to 40 to 50 patients every month since they have 2 branches with experts in stem cell hair treatments.

The Premier Stem Cell Hair Treatment Process

    At the local branches of Premier Clinic, they have world-class aesthetic doctors who will do a thorough examination of your scalp first. This is done using a microscope in order to assess your hair follicles. After the assessment, the treatment process will follow. Anesthesia will be used to ensure comfort. The hair follicles will be harvested in a 2 mm area, careful not to cause bleeding or discomfort. This is done using a top of the line machine in order to filter and also concentrate these stem cells before it is injected into the hair loss areas of your scalp. The stem cells injected will increase the growth and also the thickness of your new hair.

Expected Results

    In just one month after the Premier Stem Cell Hair Treatment, you will notice a visible improvement in the thickness of your hair as well as the density of your original hair. You can now start seeing growth on the new hair follicles by this time. You can just imagine how fast the process is and how rapid the results can be. If after one session you are already happy with the results, then you don’t need to have more procedures. But if you think you need more, it can be arranged for you to achieve better results.

Are There Any Side Effects?

   According to customers who have tried the Premier Stem Cell Hair Treatment, there little to no side effects since the stem cells are harvested from your own body. So there are no compatibility issues that may arise. You might feel a little bit of swelling and pain in the area of the procedure. Other than that, there are no serious side effects reported.

The Need For FOLLOW-UPS After The Premier Stem Cell Hair Treatment

    You will be advised to come back to the clinic for a follow up 14 days after the procedure. This is needed so that the doctor can check on the progress, see if there are any improvements and to gauge if you need more treatments. You do have to worry since the follow-ups are free of charge.

If you think all of your efforts are not worth it when it comes to your hair loss, you might need the help from the experts. Premier Clinic has the best doctors that can help you with your problem. This 2018, Premier Stem Cell Hair Treatment is the thing. This is why more and more people are intrigued by the amazing results of this procedure.