Can hypnosis help you quit smoking successfully?

Summary-To quit smoking you can try hypnosis without worry about any side effects. Let’s have a look at what hypnosis can do to help you quit smoking.

You smoke and you know that is bad for your health and you want to improve but don’t know how to quit. It’s a conundrum most every smoker suffers from. We have gone through all sorts of therapies and conditions, but nothing seems to work. Internet of full of stories and scams about how some breakthrough treatment can help you quit smoking, but it is nothing more than just fluff. It is important that you understand that not all treatments work for everyone.

So how you can actually quit smoking effectively?

The answer lies in hypnosis. I know it makes you frown but you can actually stop smoking with hypnosis. In this post I am going to detail everything you need to know about hypnotherapy and how it can help you quit smoking.

Power of Positive Hypnosis

Most people who struggle to quit smoking agree that it is because of their poor habits. It is true that nicotine causes you to hook to cigarettes, but even when most people fulfill their needs for nicotine using gums and patches it is not possible for them to quit smoking.

Habits kick back because you are subconsciously not prepared to let them go. As soon as you come in contact with a trigger point you start smoking. Triggers can be many like stress, workload and even feeling happy. Therefore, if you want to quit smoking successfully and keep it that way you will have to take help of hypnotherapy.

Studies show that people who stop smoking with hypnosis are twice more successful who go for some other method to quit smoking.

Speaking on the application of Hypnotherapy, Michael Backner says, “I started smoking when I was 17 and for the last 25 years I was an active smoker. I tried every medicine, therapy and solution available on the planet to quit smoking but nothing seems to work.

Finally, I was advised hypnotherapy to quit smoking by one of the participants in my anonymous group. And it hasn’t been the same ever since. In my hypnosis sessions I came to a weird enlightenment that I enjoyed smoking and with therapy I was made to not like it anymore.”

This is the power of positive reinforcement of hypnosis that lets you quit smoking by positive attitude and changing your habits at subconscious level.

In a study it was found that 86% of smokers who take help of hypnosis to quit smoking are able to do so within 3 sessions. This might seem like too good to be true but stats are pretty clear on this one.

What can self-hypnosis do?

You not only stop smoking with hypnosis but there are many other life challenges that can be overcome. A certified hypnotist can help you to easily deal with:

  • Losing weight,
  • Alleviating fear,
  • Altering negative behaviours,
  • Reducing pain,
  • Reducing migraines,
  • Lowering blood pressure,
  • Easing symptoms of asthma

However, to be able to fully reap the benefits of hypnosis you need to find a quality therapist or find the best self-hypnosis audio program.