5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Your Eye Doctor in Victoria

Victoria residents have eye clinics that are run by specialist eye doctors in Victoria, but many are not aware that they need to pay a scheduled visit for proper check up and eye care. While many will gladly visit their dentist or physician at least once or twice in a year, they don’t realize how important it is to go to eye clinics.

From keeping prescriptions up to do date to getting screened for any eye problems, visiting eye doctors in Victoria should be an important event for all families. Here are some of the reasons why your next visit to a reputable eye clinic will be of benefit to you:

1. Update Your Eye Prescriptions

If you wear contacts or eye glasses, it is vital to go to an eye centre annually to update your prescriptions. This is due to the constant changes that take place in our eyes. A prescription written for you some years back may not be adequate for the present state of your eyes. That is why you must allow an optometrist to help you examine your eyes once again and give you a fresh prescription that will enable you to see clearly.

2. Protect Your Eyes Against Harmful Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are no longer a fad or a luxury, they are now a necessity. But with constant use of mobile devices, the eyes get exposed to an unhealthy amount of blue light daily. This can affect the normal functioning of the eyes and even lead to gradual degeneration of your eyes. If you use mobile devices like laptops, smart phones and tablets, you should visit your eye doctor regularly.

3. Report any Eye Symptoms

If you notice changes in your eyes, particularly if you always stare at your computer and mobile device screens all day, you need to see your doctor. The following symptoms require you to take urgent action:
* Eye strain
* Inflammation of the eye
* Dry eyes
* Distortion of vision
* Double vision
* Dark circles around the eyes
* Headache
* Night blindness
* Changes in perception of colour
When you notice any of these symptoms, you must visit your eye specialist immediately.
4. Prevent Blindness

If you are a diabetic, you must pay special attention to your eyesight because diabetes is a principal cause of blindness. Diabetes can lead to symptoms such as blurred vision, red eyes, or perception of moving objects. Diabetics should pay regular visits to one of the eye doctors in Victoria to ensure that the disease does not eventually lead to permanent visual impairment.

5. Minimize Age Related Eye Problems

Naturally, as you grow older, your vision may begin to get worse even when you are not conscious of it. But paying a regular visit to one of the reputable eye clinics will allow your doctor to do regular eye exams that will reveal the symptoms of age related visual decline.

Going to an eye doctor or optometrist in Victoria will not only help you to preserve your vision, it will affect your overall quality of life and well being. So visit a good eye doctor today and set up a schedule that will preserve your visual health.